Downloading maps for offline use

Much of rural Devon can have little, or indeed no, mobile or gps signal.
It is vitally important that you ensure you have both printed instructions and a downloaded map which can be viewed offline.

The easiest way to do this is via the OS Maps app and associated web page. You will find instructions below.

1. Download the OS Maps app to your phone or tablet

Visit Google Play (android) or App Store (ioS) and search for OS Maps.
Install the app to your device.

2. Register for a free OS Maps account

When you open the app, you will be asked to register for a subscription. However, this isn’t needed for the purposes of downloading Devon Pilgrim maps.
Click the X in the top right corner, and you will see a map screen with MENU and Search at the top.
Click on MENU and underneath My profile, you will see Go Free.
Click this to set up your free OS account.

3. Go to OS Maps on the web

Visit the OS Maps website and click Login.
Input the same details you used to set up your OS Maps account on the app.

4. Download the maps for your chosen route

Stages need to be downloaded individually.

When you have chosen the stage you wish to walk, click the DOWNLOAD ROUTE button in the stage box.
Click this and you will be taken back to the OS Maps page, with the full route map showing.

On the left side of the screen, you will see Add to favourites. Click this to save the stage route into your favourites.

You can download each of the stages as you wish to use them, or just repeat the process for each stage to download them all.

5. View the route on your device

Return to the app on your device and open the menu.
Click routes and then favourite routes.

You will see the map you have saved.

IMPORTANT: You must view this route on your device while connected to wifi or mobile signal at some point BEFORE you begin your journey.

As long as you do this, you will be able to view the map without signal later on.

Alternatively, if you currently use a different app for route mapping and simply need the gpx file to import into this app, just click on the DOWNLOAD GPX file at the bottom of the route page and save the file to your device.

If you choose this option, and import the gpx into OSMaps online, it will break it into the stages for you.