Creation Care course

This 4-week Creation Care Course is a unique collaboration between The Diocese of Chester, HeartEdge, Melanesian Mission UK and Southampton University.

This course will provide you with vital information about climate change, its impacts on people, and reflect on our role as Christians in taking practical climate action.

Week 1: Caring for Creation (7 October 2021, 19.30-21.00), we will take a theological perspective on creation care and tackling climate change, using bible studies and a wide range of theological resources.

Week 2: Understanding Climate Change (14 October 2021, 19.30-21:00), we will look at climate change, its drivers and impacts from a scientific perspective.

Week 3: Living Climate Change – Stories from Melanesia (21 October 2021, 19.30-21.00), we will learn about the effects of climate change on people and draw upon examples of climate impacts and human responses in Melanesia.

Week 4: Taking Action – Caring for the Environment, Caring for People (18 November 2021, 19.30-21.00), we will hear about various options for climate change mitigation and adaptation that we can take as individuals, as parishes and as a Christian community.

The organisers highly recommend attending all four sessions, however you can attend as many or as few as you wish. All sessions are online.

Please register separately for each week here:

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